Michael + Lydia Engaged

I did it! I finally worked up the nerve to blog a session. Honestly, it's incredibly silly that I haven't done it before now, I've had a personal blog for four years, so I don't even have a good excuse like, "I don't know how."

But now Two Arrows is here, blogging official. I'm excited, are you excited? Please share my excitement.

I thought I'd begin with one of my favorite fall engagement sessions from 2015. I had such a good time with Michael and Lydia in Keeneland, we laughed, made fun of each other and they were totally nonjudgmental of my wide-eyed oogling of Keeneland and my sudden obsession of the statue jockeys.

We are beyond excited to meet up with Michael and Lydia again, but next time for their August nuptials. Until then enjoy some engagement goodness.