2016 Behind the Scenes

I've always wanted to put together a year end Behind the Scenes post, but in year's past we didn't have the content to justify one. 2016 was a game changer though, not only did we double our wedding bookings, we were more comfortable in our roles to document each other BTS.

I do know I will be setting aside our BTS photos throughout the year, because hunting them down today was a pain in the you-know-what. However, it gave me a moment to really walk down memory lane, but I definitely let out an exhausted sigh or two — just for good measure.

2016 will go down as a year of tremendous growth in every sense of the word, but we survived and because of this last year I am entering 2017 with deepened knowledge and much more confidence. Which is an awesome feeling to have.

That being said, here is a little glimpse into what went down in 2016 behind the scenes:


Daniel fixed many a dress, threw many a veil and herded brides and bridesmaids.

There was that one time I took vodka shots with a groom.

We handled mini crisis's in order to keep the wedding day on track and everyone's stress levels down. (The mother of the bride is crying over the card, and is unaware I'm handling a 'situation.')

We took a lot of selfies

Don't worry, we have plenty of 'typical' BTS wedding photographer shots.

Daniel had plenty of "Daniel" moments. He cannot be contained.

I was even reunited with my middle school best friends for the first time SINCE middle school.

While most of our behind the scenes photos are wedding days, since I usually fly solo for portrait sessions, we did get a few of those in. Most of which, involve the pond in our front yard.

...and finally. Never wear rubber boots into water without socks on. A 8-month pregnant, Meredith, learned this the hard way.

That's a wrap, friends. Writing this blog post has made me excited thinking about what this coming year's Behind the Scenes post will look like, so, 2017, let's do this!