Awaiting Austyn

I actually sent out Austyn's one year gallery to her momma last week, so it's obviously been awhile since Brittany and Cole were awaiting Austyn, but this beautiful session has been sitting in draft mode on this blog for awhile. Since it's still cold and rainy, even though it's April, like this February session was I don't think it's too late in the year to hit publish on this one.

At least that is what I am telling myself.

Brittany, like most of my winter maternity session was hoping a praying for snow during this. Mother Nature decided to give 17 degrees and sleet instead. When you scroll through these in a second you're going to have a hard time seeing how cold it truly was because Brittany was a trooper. She grinned and bared it through the 40 minutes we shot.


It may have been crazy cold but the wind did magical things!

Looks like a light, gorgeous snowfall... was definitely sleet.

This photo of Kiarra, was one of my favorites from the entire session, it's one thing for the adults to brave the cold, it's a lot harder when you're a kid and didn't sign up for this nonsense, but she rocked it as always ...and ran to the truck to sit in the heater when I didn't need her.