Mommy + Me Favorites

It's no secret I love Mommy & Me sessions. I gushed about my love for them just a few blog posts ago.

The sky was dark gray and looked like it might unleash on us during Elizabeth and Hayden's session, but THANKFULLY we were able to take our time during this shoot and make it to the finish line without getting rained on.

Hayden. Was. The. Sweetest. She loved on her mommy and on her baby doll the only time and still gave me a few perfect "cheese"s.

I love how this session turned out and I think these images are ones both Elizabeth and Hayden will cherish for years to come!

Shelby Haynes Favorites-0001.jpg
Shelby Haynes Favorites-0003.jpg
Shelby Haynes Favorites-0004.jpg
Shelby Haynes Favorites-0033.jpg