Matt + Ashley Engaged

It's Matt and Ashley's wedding day!! Someday I'm actually going to blog an engagement session when it happens instead of the wedding day.

But until then, here we are.

Matt and Ashley's wedding is a little more special to me than others. Why? Because it just so happens to be my business partner, second shooter and all-around favorite person's birthday. So if you see him today make sure and tell him Happy Birthday.

But I digress...

Back to these two who's beautiful images you're about to scroll through.

Since they live in Nashville and I'm in Whitesville, Matt and Ashley agreed to meet me halfway at a friend of mine's farm in Franklin. I love, LOVE Laney's farm, every time I shoot here I'm able to find new places to make each session look completely different.

Also if you're into Fall ...and I mean, who isn't in this area of the world. Laney is kinda a big deal in the fall farming world. She grows THE best mums and I really mean the best mums around. And this year her pumpkin stacks are out of control. So make sure and check out Ruby Branch Farms on Facebook. She is all the time hosting cool events.

Now, back to summer time... Pre-mum season. Back when Matt and Ashley were just engaged and it was not their wedding day yet.

Shelby Haynes Favorites-0004.jpg
Shelby Haynes Favorites-0017.jpg
Shelby Haynes Favorites-0027.jpg