Awaiting Grace

Spoiler Alert: Susan is no longer "awaiting" Grace, because her sweet baby is now in her arms, but me, on the other hand, I'm just getting the blog post up!

I had no doubt this session with Susan would be a breeze because, you'll see, she's ADORABLE. This is the second time I've photographed her and both times I've appreciated her trust in me when I ask things like "Okay, now throw your dress!"

Before I turn you over to scroll through this gorgeous mama's session, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't give a shout out to Chris, her husband, for rolling with the punches. He reminded me SO much of Daniel, beyond the Kentucky accent, he was hungry, thinking about what work was left on the farm and busy identifying all the plants in the Botanical Gardens, but when it came time to be in a photo or make his wife laugh, he was 100% committed.

Congratulations Chris and Susan, I cannot wait to meet Grace!

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