JT + Tory – Owensboro Farm Engagement

While everyone was getting hyped about the Royal wedding (Okay, I was really into that too) we were getting ready for a super special wedding today — JT and Tori's!

This one is extra special to us because they are real life friends of ours and we've been witness to most of their seven year relationship. I seriously could write a book, a long book, about what an honor it is to know these two and be part of this special journey. But I think I'll save that for their wedding blog post and just share a peek back at their farm engagement session today.

Ironically "farm" is spread between my in-laws farm, JT and Tori's place and then Tori's family since they are all neighbors. We used our chicken house driveway for these first photos because it has the MOST MAGICAL LIGHT EVER and then moved to JT and Tori's land before finishing up in Tori's parent's backyard with horses, because why not?!

Tori is an avid animal lover and vet tech, so the day of their session I know for a fact she spent way, waaayyyy more time washing and grooming all the animals that made an appearance in their photos then she did pampering herself.

I'm obsessed with these two and this session and I know without a doubt I'm going to be obsessed with whatever magic we capture today!

Happy Wedding Day JT and Tori! We love you both!!!


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