Blanton Wedding

A past bride text me this weekend and said, "hey are you still doing weddings?" and I was like oh lawdy, I am obviously failing somewhere that she had to question that, because I'm actually putting more of an emphasis on weddings than anything else this year!!

It definitely would help to see more weddings on the blog I'm sure, and Shelby and I are working away on that to get every 2017 wedding and forward blogged. So future brides have as much content as possible to scroll through.

Who's Shelby you ask? Shelby was one of my 2016 brides turned Two Arrows Team Member. She is a photo sorter extraordinaire. I'm going to be perfectly honest with you, arranging wedding and portrait session galleries overwhelms me. So much so, that my perfectionist tendencies let them sit in blog draft mode forever.

Now, I send the photos I want to Shelby and she gets everything uploaded and organized in a post so all I have to do is pull up the draft, fill it with words and hit publish.

That may seem like such a small job to outsource, but let me tell you, what used to take me DAYS, takes Shelby a hour. She is such a blessing to my business and a huge stress relief to me.

Okay, so moving on to another past bride, let's talk about the beautiful Hannah from May 2017. I feel like I say this in every post, but I genuinely enjoyed every second with Hannah and Lee.

Not only are they just incredible humans to be around, their love for each other spills over and touches everyone in their presence.

Their wedding day started out rainy, at that point every wedding of mine for 2017 had been rainy and I just knew we were going to be facing tackling an outdoor barn wedding in a storm, but right before I arrived at their home for getting ready portraits the sky cleared up, the sun came out and all my concerns were cast aside.

Shelby Haynes Favorites-0036.jpg
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Shelby Haynes Favorites-0028.jpg

As a crazy dog mom myself, I loved that Hannah dressed up and added her furbabies in her bridal portraits.

Shelby Haynes Favorites-0033.jpg
Shelby Haynes Favorites-0001.jpg

This was the first wedding I ever release Daniel solo for groom portraits. Lee was already comfortable in front of the camera, so Dan had that in his favor, but I think he did an excellent job!

Shelby Haynes Favorites-0004.jpg
Shelby Haynes Favorites-0005.jpg
Shelby Haynes Favorites-0003.jpg
Shelby Haynes Favorites-0015.jpg
Shelby Haynes Favorites-0017.jpg

Seriously, these two, and the way they look at each other. All the heart eyes.

Shelby Haynes Favorites-0016.jpg
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Grab your tissues, because...

Shelby Haynes Favorites-0061.jpg
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Lee and Hannah chose not to do a first look, but they kept their guests happy with a fun cocktail hour of fruits and cheeses, drinks and a cozy fire pit while they finished portraits with me.

I can't emphasis enough how important it is to have something like this for your guests if you decide to do portraits after your ceremony.

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We ended the night belting out Craig Morgan's International Harvester and eating cotton candy with these two. Zero complaints.