JT + Tory – Owensboro Farm Engagement

While everyone was getting hyped about the Royal wedding (Okay, I was really into that too) we were getting ready for a super special wedding today — JT and Tori's!

This one is extra special to us because they are real life friends of ours and we've been witness to most of their seven year relationship. I seriously could write a book, a long book, about what an honor it is to know these two and be part of this special journey. But I think I'll save that for their wedding blog post and just share a peek back at their farm engagement session today.

Ironically "farm" is spread between my in-laws farm, JT and Tori's place and then Tori's family since they are all neighbors. We used our chicken house driveway for these first photos because it has the MOST MAGICAL LIGHT EVER and then moved to JT and Tori's land before finishing up in Tori's parent's backyard with horses, because why not?!

Tori is an avid animal lover and vet tech, so the day of their session I know for a fact she spent way, waaayyyy more time washing and grooming all the animals that made an appearance in their photos then she did pampering herself.

I'm obsessed with these two and this session and I know without a doubt I'm going to be obsessed with whatever magic we capture today!

Happy Wedding Day JT and Tori! We love you both!!!


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Jake & Natalie — A Princeton Engagement Session

It's wedding day for Jake and Natalie!

We are literally about to head out and meet them to start photographing their day. Daniel is loading the car as I type this! But before we head out into this beautiful spring day, I wanted to share a quick throwback to their late summer engagement session.

Since their wedding is in Owensboro where Natalie is from it was important to them that their engagement session be in Princeton where they currently live and where Jake is from.

I LOVED the sentimental locations they worked into this session, from a couple of quick shots in front of their first home, to downtown Princeton, a old service station that has been in Jake's family for a few generations to his family's farm.

We had such a perfect, glowy evening to explore the town and I think their wedding day is shaping up to be the same!

Jake and Natalie we will see you soon! Everyone else, enjoy this little look.

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John + Sherri Engaged

Here I am shouting from the rooftops, LAST WEDDING OF THE YEAR!!

Dan and I made it through our busiest wedding year to date, 18 amazing couples have trusted us with one of the biggest days of their lives and we couldn't feel more hashtag blessed about it.

When I looked at our fall wedding season, I honestly couldn't imagine life after Nov. 18 because when you're looking at a wedding almost every weekend from August to now you kinda just resort to survival mode.

Not only is wedding season coming to a halt, so is travel season. Dan has one speaking engagement in Iowa left, but other than home in Oklahoma for Christmas, we're *clap* *clap* *hands ups* DONE.

I know I'm looking forward to finishing up all the fall editing and going into admin mode where I finally have the time to finish a few fun projects that will help to better serve my portrait and wedding clients in 2018. ...and baking, I'm so SO ready for holiday baking mode.

Dan is just ready for me to quit interrupting his hunting weekends. ;)

I'm getting slightly ahead of myself though, we still have one wonderful couple left to serve this year! John and Sherri!! And because I love to do this if I have the chance, let's kick off their wedding day with a peek at their engagement session!

One of the things I have adored about Sherri through her wedding journey is how laid back she is, 'You want me to hike down a steep hill in heels for a photo? Not a problem!.'

Her calm nature is so nice to be around, to the point when her final bridal consultation was over she set back in her chair at Starbucks and continued sipping her latte while I worked on other things and we just chatted. Ummm #twoarrowsbrideGOALs much? I say yes!

So please enjoy a look at John and Sherri's engagement session and if you think about it send good vibes that the rain isn't TOO hard on us today!

Matt + Ashley Engaged

It's Matt and Ashley's wedding day!! Someday I'm actually going to blog an engagement session when it happens instead of the wedding day.

But until then, here we are.

Matt and Ashley's wedding is a little more special to me than others. Why? Because it just so happens to be my business partner, second shooter and all-around favorite person's birthday. So if you see him today make sure and tell him Happy Birthday.

But I digress...

Back to these two who's beautiful images you're about to scroll through.

Since they live in Nashville and I'm in Whitesville, Matt and Ashley agreed to meet me halfway at a friend of mine's farm in Franklin. I love, LOVE Laney's farm, every time I shoot here I'm able to find new places to make each session look completely different.

Also if you're into Fall ...and I mean, who isn't in this area of the world. Laney is kinda a big deal in the fall farming world. She grows THE best mums and I really mean the best mums around. And this year her pumpkin stacks are out of control. So make sure and check out Ruby Branch Farms on Facebook. She is all the time hosting cool events.

Now, back to summer time... Pre-mum season. Back when Matt and Ashley were just engaged and it was not their wedding day yet.

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