Minimalist Winter Maternity Session – Maria

I know it's hot and humid and summer, but I want to take you back to the winter we thought would never end with this blog post and my next to share a couple of beautiful maternity sessions.

I said this when I shared her previews on Facebook, but one of the greatest compliments to the business of a photographer is to have another photographer book them. I met Maria at an Owensboro Women in Business event and immediately connected. We are both imports to the area and even though we come from totally different hometowns we found a lot of common ground.

Fast forward two years and I received a Facebook message from Maria asking if I would document her second child's maternity, birth and newborn photos. I. Was. Thrilled.

Sweet Olivia who was still incubating in these photos is now almost 4 months old, I've loved this time with Maria to get to know her better and now call her a friend. Double bonus!

A couple of fun notes about this session, the inside part was taken in our new farm building. It was very much still under construction when we did these. A painter was working quietly away behind me and plumbers were in and out. Maria, is an incredibly gracious human, she never said a word about the mess, but kept complimenting me on our half finished building. I love her for that!

The second part of the session was done at my home, and it was so cold by the end Maria—who was barefoot in my pasture—was shaking from chills.

I love how this sweet and simple session with gorgeous winter light turned out!

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Awaiting Austyn

I actually sent out Austyn's one year gallery to her momma last week, so it's obviously been awhile since Brittany and Cole were awaiting Austyn, but this beautiful session has been sitting in draft mode on this blog for awhile. Since it's still cold and rainy, even though it's April, like this February session was I don't think it's too late in the year to hit publish on this one.

At least that is what I am telling myself.

Brittany, like most of my winter maternity session was hoping a praying for snow during this. Mother Nature decided to give 17 degrees and sleet instead. When you scroll through these in a second you're going to have a hard time seeing how cold it truly was because Brittany was a trooper. She grinned and bared it through the 40 minutes we shot.


It may have been crazy cold but the wind did magical things!

Looks like a light, gorgeous snowfall... was definitely sleet.

This photo of Kiarra, was one of my favorites from the entire session, it's one thing for the adults to brave the cold, it's a lot harder when you're a kid and didn't sign up for this nonsense, but she rocked it as always ...and ran to the truck to sit in the heater when I didn't need her.

Awaiting Grace

Spoiler Alert: Susan is no longer "awaiting" Grace, because her sweet baby is now in her arms, but me, on the other hand, I'm just getting the blog post up!

I had no doubt this session with Susan would be a breeze because, you'll see, she's ADORABLE. This is the second time I've photographed her and both times I've appreciated her trust in me when I ask things like "Okay, now throw your dress!"

Before I turn you over to scroll through this gorgeous mama's session, it wouldn't be fair if I didn't give a shout out to Chris, her husband, for rolling with the punches. He reminded me SO much of Daniel, beyond the Kentucky accent, he was hungry, thinking about what work was left on the farm and busy identifying all the plants in the Botanical Gardens, but when it came time to be in a photo or make his wife laugh, he was 100% committed.

Congratulations Chris and Susan, I cannot wait to meet Grace!

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Mother Earth Maternity

I could write an entire blog series about this shoot—the planning, the symbolism, all the behind the scenes fails that happen when you are a photographer on a farm in the middle of calving season—but instead I'm going to give you the cliff notes version.

Meredith has put an incredible amount of faith in me from day one. Her and Kyle were my first Kentucky photo session, January 2014 for their save the dates, it was a whopping 12°F outside, it was so cold my camera quit working for a little bit and my first session under the name "Two Arrows."

Flash forward two years later and they are expecting their first little. When she approached me about the session, she told me she would let me have complete control over the planning. I had been mulling over the idea of a Mother Earth themed maternity session for a while, but hadn't found the perfect couple for it. I am a crazy artist and love having symbolism in my styled sessions and for maternity I love incorporating "new life" in more than just The Bump.

I approached Daniel about creating the teepee for the session, telling him it only needed to be "about 8 feet tall." He felt that 8 ft. would be a wimpy teepee and instead built this monster. I'm so glad he did, because I love the final outcome. I mean it wholeheartedly when I say this session is everything my dreams are made of.

Thank you Mere for trusting me and my vision for this session and for walking into my very cold pond, with no fear. I cannot wait to get my hands on Baby Hayden.

Hair/Makeup: Amy Payne

Floral Crown: Welborn Floral

In the weeks following this session the teepee has become a favorite neck scratching place for our cows.

As it turns out, cows don't appreciate art.